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Welwitschia mirabilis!!



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Living Stones Nursery and Plants for the Southwest: Lithops and Mesembs, Other Succulents and Cacti


Please Note

Living Stones Nursery/Plants for the Southwest has been doing mail order for 31 years now (Apr. 2017).  It is time to change.  As of now, we will no longer be selling plants off of this list.  We intend to put out a different list each quarter.  The address will be the same (lithops.com) and the list will mostly change each time.  We hope to keep up the images and information that we currently have on this version of our web page and possibly add to it. Our nursery at 50 E. Blacklidge in Tucson will remain open as normal.
Stay tuned!

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Adenium seeds and more



         Agave albopilosa !!!   

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