Our gargoyles are all individually hand made by Tucson artist Miles Thompson.  These are not molded pieces.  He starts with a single blob of clay and with his tools (cholla wood, cabbage leaves, seed pods, etc.) and talent and imagination, pulls out the results that you see here.  They are all high fired stoneware and have a wire hanger attached at the rear.  They can withstand the rigors of outdoors, but are fine pieces that can hang indoors as well. Each gargoyle is priced and after the price are approximate sizes, height and width.
The gargoyles are individually packed and shipped double-boxed via Priority Mail and are insured.  Shipping and handling charges are 25% of the total price.

center: $68   5"x4"
lower left: sold   5"x5", lower right: sold  6"x6"

Upper left: $110  7"x7", upper right: sold

 lower right: $110  6"x8"

upper right: sold
Lower left: $95  7"x6"

Brown bug eyes sold, White spiny headsold
Steel big ears $72.00


Daisy Gargoyle sold, Goofy  sold


Steel ragged ears sold, White bug eyes sold
Steel bug eyes $75.00

White horns sold, Brown spike head $95.00
White big ears sold

White leaf ears sold,Grey flathead sold
Brown spiny sold

Big Head sold