All Aloes are CITES Restricted Plants


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Aloacu3604.JPG (133939 bytes) Aloe aculeata Single rosettes to about 3 feet, reddish brown spines on margins.  Yellow to orange flowers. M
Alobel3615.JPG (68653 bytes) Aloe bellatula Thin brown leaves; fantastic salmon colored flowers in early fall.  Miniature species to about 12 inches tall. M
Albr flr5.jpg (134214 bytes) Aloe broomii Beautiful solitary plant, occasionally divides to 2 or 3 rosettes.  Leaves bright green to yelllowish green, with striking teeth.  Nice flowers on typically unbranched spike. M
Alobuh3626.JPG (128405 bytes) Aloe buhrii Nicely marked, wide flat leaves with reddish margins. M/L
Aloe capitata   Nice rosette of leaves with reddish spines and bright orange-yellow flowers that open from the top of the inflorescence down.  M
Aloe candelabrum From the central Natal of South Africa.  The 'candelabra-like' inflorescence gives it it's name.  Beautiful flowers!  A true beauty. M/L
Aloe castenea
Alocil3628.JPG (94440 bytes) Aloe ciliaris Dark green leaves on nearly vining stems with clusters of bright red flowers. (RC) M
Alocla01.jpg (76300 bytes) Aloe claviflora Medium small gray-green rosette with club (clava) like horizontal inflorescence M
aldi-2.jpg (130135 bytes) Aloe dichotoma Most beautiful tree aloe, to 25 feet tall in frost free areas.  Great potted specimen. Larger sizes available. M
Aloe excelsa Single stemmed aloe to 12 feet.  Dull green leaves with reddish brown marginal teeth.  Flowers dark red to orange-red.  From South Africa. M
Aloe grandidentata M
Alhe flr 2.jpg (133497 bytes) Aloe hereroensis Medium aloe 2 to 3 feet tall, leaves marked with many irregularly scattered single or double "H" shaped whitish spots, orange-red flowers M-L
Alhu flr1.JPG (136496 bytes) Aloe humilis Blue leaves with numerous teeth (RC) M
Aloe hybrids The seed for these Aloes came from Nathan Wong. Each plant is a different lovely rosette. M
Aloe hybrid 'Pink Sprite' Beautiful single rosette covered with nice pink teeth on margins and leaves M
Aloe krapohliana Small aloe with light green leaves and darker green stripes on the back of the leaves. Beautiful orange flowers. M
Aloe lutescens Dark green upright growing leaves with small marginal teeth and yellow flowers. M
Aloe marlothii More teeth than A. ferox and beautiful flowers. S
Aloe medusa Large tree aloe with long dark green leaves. This is a smaller version of Aloe bainsii M
Aloe melanacantha Short, black spines on leaves M
Aloe microstigma Graceful plant; nice leaf markings M
Aloe parvula Miniature Aloe similar to A. humilis with narrower leaves. M
Alpl_1.JPG (125589 bytes) Aloe plicatilis Flat leaves with rounded tips.  Thick, branching upright stems and salmon-colored flowers. From the Cape Region of South Africa.  Does not like temperatures above 105F.   'Fan Aloe' M
Aloe ramosissima Multi branching tree (shrub) type aloe. Spectacular! M
Aloe reynoldsii Lovely stemless aloe with wide light green leaves with very thin dark green stripes and pink leaf margins. M/L
Aloe rivae A natural occurring hybrid from Southern Ethiopia.  Solitary short stemmed plant with dark scarlet flower. S
Aloe spicata Solid green leaves with white margin teeth. M/L
Aloe tenuior Vining Aloe with narrow green leaves. M
Aloe tomentosa New from Yemen.  Compact stemless aloe with wide, thick leaves and green fuzzy flowers. M/L
Aloe variegata The "common" partridge breast aloe was once a favorite; recently hard to find. M
Aloe vera  Medicinal aloe. M
ALOE COLLECTION 6 plants of this mostly African and Madagascan group of succulents including some of the best miniatures and tree forms