Bowiea * Gasteria

Bowiea volubilis Onion like base with vine like climbing inflorescence S-M
Gasarm5812.JPG (126981 bytes) Gasteria armstrongii Wide thick, black leaves M


Gasbay5810.JPG (126894 bytes) Gasteria baylissiana S
Gasglom5814.JPG (116895 bytes) Gasteria glomerata Miniature clusters of grey-green leaves with beautiful orange flowers. M
Gagr var-1.JPG (118794 bytes) Gasteria gracilis fm. variegata Small clusters of green leaves with silver marks  (RC) M
Gas-GreenIce5826.JPG (117561 bytes) Gasteria 'Green Ice' Very compact plants with silvery green colored leaves.  Very different and spectacular.  Uncommon. M
Gaslil5803.JPG (129572 bytes) Gasteria liliputana Thin-leafed miniature with numerous salmon colored flowers. (RC) M
Gasvlok5806.JPG (128686 bytes) Gasteria vlokii S