Acanthocalycium * Ariocarpus * Astrophytum * Carnegiea
Cleistocactus * Cochemiea

All Cacti are CITES Restricted Plants

The Cactus family is almost entirely of the new world, with only one or two species occurring in western Africa. Our plants are nursery grown from seed either from field collections, from our own hand-pollinated plants or seeds purchased from reputable dealers. All cacti have beautiful flowers, so we try to grow those that have a unique characteristic as well. Features such as spinelessness (Ariocarpus spp., Astrophytum asterias, etc.), long spines (Ferocactus rectispinus with arrow straight spines to 10 inches or more) to the densely white spined species (Mammillaria bocasana,, M. pectinifera,, Epithelantha micromeris) are the types that we specialize in.

The cacti, unless otherwise noted, are sized for a 3 to 4 inch pot, the higher priced plants being the slower growers (e.g. Ariocarpus fissuratus are 6 years old).

Larger specimens of various species are available. Please inquire.


Ariaga3589.JPG (128190 bytes) Ariocarpus agavoides 'oides' means like, so 'like an agave'.  Long tubercles in a rosette.  Uncommon, but cool.
Ariocarpus bravoanus
Ariocarpus fissuratus Flat growing large triangular, rough surfaced tubercles, pink flowers
Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus v. sladnoskyi Nice miniature 'living rock' cactus. Looks like

 A. kotschoubeyanus.

Arre_fu_flr1.JPG (129350 bytes) Ariocarpus retusus v. furfuraceus Thicker tubercles with more wool than above.  Only a few plants left.  4+" in diameter.  Nursery grown from selected seeds.
Ariocarpus retusus v. scapharostroides
Ariocarpus trigonus  
Asas cu-1.JPG (131493 bytes) Astrophytum asterias Sea urchin cactus or sand dollar cactus with nice yellow flowers.
Asc-mflowering.JPG (74201 bytes)

Asc-mseedling.JPG (153886 bytes)

Astrophytum (Digitostigma) caput-medusae
Cargig3599.JPG (132405 bytes) Carnegiea gigantea Largest US cactus to 50 feet tall. Expect your first branch in 75 years!