Fobu inflr .JPG (135355 bytes) Fouquieria burragei Baja Tree Ocotillo; nice caudex and white flowers M
Fouquieria (Idria) columnaris, Boojum Tree CITES Restricted Plant - Thickened stem, tapering towards the top, like an upside-down carrot. Cool-season grower; may rot if watered in hot summer weather. M
Fouquieria diguettii A tree-ocotillo type from Baja, Mexico. Very similar to F. macdougalii. Red flowers M
Fouquieria formosa Tree-type Ocotillo S
Foma_1.JPG (20712 bytes) Fouquieria macdougallii Mexican tree Ocotillo from Sonora, Mexico with thick trunk and branching like a large shrub.  Red flowers three times a year, not just in spring like ocotillo.  Great potted plant. M
Foupur3862.JPG (131353 bytes) Fouquieria purpusii Tall, conical caudex with narrow elongated leaves. The Holy Grail of Fouquierias L
Fouquieria splendens Southwestern Ocotillo, red flowers  Hardy to the low teens.   M