Aloinopsis * Argyroderma * Bijlia * Braunsia



These plants have thick, fleshy roots which can be raised above the soil line, and small, compact leaves.

Aloinluck5432.JPG (138934 bytes) Aloinopsis luckhoffii 

Light green tuberculate leaves, widening to broad triangular tips covered with white tubercles and a few teeth along the outer margain.

Alma flr4.JPG (139110 bytes) Aloinopsis malherbei
Blue-green leaves, wide fan-shaped at the tips with white toothy projections around the edge. Back of the leaf covered with tiny white tubercles. Nice peach colored flowers.
Aloorp3575.JPG (136789 bytes) Aloinopsis orpenii
Very gray-green 2" long leaf, grows in a rosette, yellow flowers.
Alro.JPG (121261 bytes) Aloinopsis rosulata
Dark-green lance shaped leaves with thickened stem.
Aloinrubrolineata5458.JPG (127504 bytes) Aloinopsis rubrolineata
Alosch.JPG (137415 bytes) Aloinopsis schooneesii
Small blunt tipped green leaves forming a mounding plant.


Extremely succulent plants forming two smooth, silvery-green, half-egg shaped leaves each growing season. Coming from the Banrhynsdorp area, they are winter growers.  They do best when given frequent light waterings instead of regular heavy drenches. Flowers vary from white to yellow to magenta in fall and early winter. The species vary in body shape.


Arpe.JPG (120719 bytes) Argyroderma pearsonii
Smooth, egg shaped plant (leaf pair) with white, purple or yellow flowers
Argyroderma testiculare
Small green testicles---cool!
Bidi.JPG (133098 bytes) Bijlia dilatata
Light blue-green leaves; smooth and sculptured.  Nice yellow flowers.  Beautiful plant!