Large genus of very succulent Mesembs; easily grown. During the summer resting period, leaves of some species form a dry protection for the new growth forming inside. Flowers profusely in late winter/spring and forms attractive, compact clumps with age.  Great starter plants for this group!


Chca.JPG (121499 bytes) Cheiridopsis candidissima
Beautiful plant with large, greyish V- shaped leaves.  With age, leaf tips form nice notches.  Large cream to yellow flowers.
Chca-sc.JPG (129327 bytes) Cheiridopsis caroli-schmidtii
Forms nice clumps, leaves with conspicuous transparent dots. Yellow flowers
Chdel3454.JPG (130755 bytes) Cheiridopsis delphinoides
Two inch greyish leaves that sheath over in summer heat.  Cool plant!
Chden3404.JPG (128016 bytes) Cheiridopsis denticulata
Tall form of C. derenbergiana.  Slender, gray-green leaves. Light yellow flowers
Cheder3551.JPG (129500 bytes) Cheiridopsis derenbergiana
Thick, succulent leaves forming compact clumps. Plants take on a beautiful reddish hue when grown in full winter sun. Yellow flowers
Cheiridopsis dilatata
Gray-green 2 to 3" leaves, new pairs have distinct notches, NEAT!
Chdu3410.JPG (130396 bytes) Cheiridopsis duplessii
Tapering blue-green leaves that are joined for  about half of their length.  Yellow flowers.
Chme mi.JPG (124024 bytes) Cheiridopsis meyeri v. minor
Small rounded opposite leaves with yellow flowers.  Entire plants sheaths over in summer heat.  
Chepec3540.JPG (130462 bytes) Cheiridopsis peculiaris
Most interesting plant with two distinctly different sets of leaves. The leaves for the resting period are joined together, protecting the new growth inside. By the end of summer these have completely dried and the new leaves burst the paper-thin remains as the growing period begins. Water should be given at this time and continued until after flowering in late winter
Chepul.JPG (131150 bytes) Cheiridopsis pulverulenta
Cheiridopsis schlecteri
Chtu3441.jpg (135600 bytes) Cheiridopsis turbinata
Horn-shaped leaves, bright yellow flowers.
Cheirumdaus5403.JPG (131327 bytes) Cheiridopsis umdausensis
This rare Cheiridopsis has grey-green, stout leaves, covered with prominent white warts.
Cheiridopsis vanbredai
Clumping leaves with flattened leaf tip ending with 2 tiny spines, light yellow to peach flower
Chvanz3425.JPG (119126 bytes) Cheiridopsis vanzijlii
Dense cluster of short, blunt leaves, many yellow flowers in winter
Chve3427.JPG (126251 bytes) Cheiridopsis velox
Uncommon Cheiridopsis.  The leaf tips are armed with prominent points.  Very nice plant with clear, yellow flowers.
7 different, our choice. This is an interesting group of robust growing plants with very showy flowers.