Next to Lithops, Conophytum (or "Cone Plant") is the most popular genus of the Mesembs. The small, cone-shaped 'heads' or 'bodies' are actually pairs of leaves joined to their tips with only a small opening through which the flower stalk appears in fall. Large clumps of these small heads develop through the years. The bi-lobe species such as C. bilobum, have larger, more elongated leaves with two distinct tips or lobes. All Conos need a summer dormant period with frequent light sprayings and light shading. They are shallow-rooted plants and during dormancy much of the root system dries up. If ordered at this stage, they may appear dried and rootless, but will put out new roots when watered in the fall, and the new leaves will burst through the dried remains of the old. Even in winter they are never drenched; just frequent light watering.

The 'Genus Conophytum a Conograph' is a book written by Steven Hammer and is a must have if you enjoy Conos or think that you might but just don't know enough about them. The text is easy and fun to read and the photographs by John Trager will leave you begging for the tiny jewel-like plants. This book is hard to find so check with your local book dealer for availability.  Or contact us for more information.

Update:  As of 2002, a new book on Conophytums entitled 'Dumpling and his Wife: New Views on the Genus Conophytum', by Steven Hammer is available, this time with most photos by Chris Barnhill.  

Both books are great references.  Try Rainbow Gardens Bookshop for availability.

CobiPi3377.JPG (131841 bytes) Conophytum bilobum 'Piriforme' Small, bilobe with smooth leaves.
Cobl3326.JPG (129580 bytes) Conophytum blandum Mini clumping bilobe.
Conophytum chanviniae
Conophytum friedrichiae


Large headed reddish-brown bodies (usually), pinkish flowers.
Cohi3342.JPG (136576 bytes) Conophytum hians Shortly bi-lobed, pale green bodies, cream to pink flowers. Fast clumper.
Conolong5203.JPG (133824 bytes) Conophytum longum Lime green bodies, similar to C. limpidum.  Good clumpers!
Conolyd5241.JPG (129735 bytes) Conophytum lydiae Beautiful, green bodies, with striking pink flowers.
Conophytum meyeri type Green bilobed leaves, the pair forming a heart shape; yellow flowers.
Conopir5222.JPG (129143 bytes) Conophytum piriforme
Copr3374.JPG (138816 bytes) Conophytum praesectum Translucent green bodies, somewhat taller growing
Conopuber5275.JPG (125590 bytes) Conophytum puberulum Fat bilobe!  Yellow flowers.
Conoquae5219.JPG (124585 bytes) Conophytum quaesitum Bi-lobed light green bodies, white flowers, compact plant.
Conosmor5227.JPG (123264 bytes) Conophytum smorenskaduense Small bilobe with spots all over the leaves and great name.
Cosu3348.JPG (128307 bytes) Conophytum subrissum Flat tops with pink lips.  Limited supply.
Conotay5261.JPG (121791 bytes) Conophytum taylorianum ssp. ernianum Small bi-lobed leaves with dark green dots.
Couv3360.JPG (120906 bytes) Conophytum uviforme Mounding little balls with dots on top.
Conoverr5249.JPG (138218 bytes) Conophytum verrucosum Brown-orange bodies, looks very much like a Lithops.  Lavender or white flowers.
Covi3364.JPG (117916 bytes) Conophytum violaciflorum
Cowe3335.JPG (131996 bytes) Conopytum wettsteinii Nice flat top, similar to C. flavum.
CONOPHYTUM COLLECTION 7 different, our choice. A great collection of living 'Marbles'