Cylindrophyllum * Dinteranthus * Faucaria



Cylindrophyllum comptonii Long tapering cylindrical leaves with white flowers




The ever-popular "Tiger Jaws", one of the easiest of the Mesembs to grow. Many with medium to long, soft, white teeth along the leaf margins.


Faucalbidens5533.JPG (131557 bytes) Faucaria albidens Short leaves with white teeth around the edges; yellow flowers.  Compact plant.
Large clump
Faucboshaa5578.JPG (123872 bytes) Faucaria bosscheana v. haagei Similar to type but with wider leaves and usually no teeth. Distinctive white border on leaf edges and keel. Yellow flowers. Very nice plant!
Faucbritt5530.JPG (126073 bytes) Faucaria britteniae Larger leaves with the margins lined with fine teeth along half of their length; yellow flowers
Fauccrod5528.JPG (127893 bytes) Faucaria crodackensis Cute little plant with green leaves with white teeth.
Faucaria duplesii Long green leaves with few markings, teeth on margin
Faucaria kingiae Backward curving leaves edged with soft teeth; white flowers
Fauclongifolia5516.JPG (133487 bytes) Faucaria longifolia Long green leaves with few markings, teeth on margin
Large clumps
Faucaria loritteuiave
Faucaria plana
Faucpauc5522.JPG (133706 bytes) Faucaria paucidens Deep green leaves with white markings on leaf edges and few teeth.  Nice plant.
Faucpeer5512.JPG (130496 bytes) Faucaria peersii Rather stubby leaves with not very prominent teeth; white flowers
Large clump
Faucaria subintegra Leaves slightly blunt with a few short teeth
Fauctig5510.JPG (123118 bytes) Faucaria tigrina Yellow green leaves with fine, hair-like teeth along the edges; yellow flowers
Large clump
Fauctub5536.JPG (128559 bytes) Faucaria tuberculosa Very handsome plant with large tubercles or warts on upper leaf surface and teeth along the edges; yellow flowers.
Large clump
FAUCARIA COLLECTION 7 species of 'Tiger's Jaws"; good growers; our choice