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Pleiospilos * Psammophora




Maruni3487.JPG (137529 bytes)

Compact plant with thin dark green leaves and showy purple flowers. Very similar to Marlothistella uniondaalensis.




Small, succulent plants with thick, fleshy roots. Expose the upper portion of these roots for a mini-bonsai look.


Nantra3507.JPG (138282 bytes) Nananthus transvaalensis Small rosettes of dark green succulent leaves. Yellow flowers
Neohenricia sibbettii Tiny leaves combine to make a nice, tight cluster of a small, mat-like plant.
Odoang3528.JPG (118958 bytes) Odontophorus angustifolius Fat, succulent leaves with strong keel; edges serrate at tip. Pale yellow flowers


Large succulent leaves covered with dark translucent dots. Large yellow flowers. Popularly called "Split Rocks."


Plebol3522.JPG (130456 bytes) Pleiospilos bolusii Short, fat leaves in clumps, with yellow flowers.
Plenel3517.JPG (135110 bytes) Pleiospilos nelii Short rounded leaves,"Split Rock" with yellow flowers.
Plenel-RF3512.JPG (132926 bytes) Pleiospilos nelii 'Royal Flush' Looks just like above, but the body is RED! Very nice with lovely red flowers.
Pleiospilos simulans Fat Pleiospilos leaves that lie flatter to the ground with yellow flowers.
Pleiospilos willowmorensis Long thinnish green leaves with yellow flowers.