Rhombophyllum * Ruschia * Schwantesia
Sphalmanthus * Tanquana * Titanopsis * Trichodiadema

Rhombophyllum dolabriforme Semi-cylindrical leaves merging into a flat, hatchet shaped keel at the tip. Usually with a tooth-like projection. Yellow flowers
Ruschpulv5421.JPG (126280 bytes) Ruschia pulvinaris Low spreading plant with small blue-gray leaves and showy pink flowers. Super neat mini bonsai. The picture doesn't do it justice.



Short stemmed, very succulent plants forming compact rosettes of interesting, tuberculate leaves. Yellow flowers during its winter growing period.


Titcal6080.JPG (139178 bytes) Titanopsis calcarea Beautiful rosettes of green leaves covered with creamy warts
                                                                                           Large plant
Titanopsis fulleri Gray-green rosettes with whitish-orange warty tubercles on outer edge of leaf
Tihu-sc fr2.jpg (138828 bytes) Titanopsis hugo-schlecteri Small compact clumps with orange warts on the leaves
Trichodiadema barbatum Small green leaves clustered on graceful stems supported by an interesting root system when planted above soil level. Fewer bristles at leaf tips than most Trichodiademas; magenta flowers
Trichodiadema marlothii Short, blue-green leaves covering stems. Leaf tips brown with tufts of brownish-white bristles. Flowers white