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Growing from seed offers many rewards. It's more economical, it's fun to start from scratch, and it's exciting to see the variability that seedlings produce. Every plant and its flowers will be different, especially in the hybrid crosses. If you live where there are seasons, sow adenium seeds early in the summer so that seedlings grow large enough to survive the first winter. All adenium seeds except the selfings are produced by controlled hand-pollination. Selecting both parents produces offspring that are superior to most open-pollinated seedlings. 


Species or hybrid cross Seed parent Pollen parent

# Seeds

Adenium arabicum, Yemen form X self. 

Produces vigorous plants with low, squat caudexes. The flowers tend to be round and much larger than average for the species.

arab186-13.jpg (68599 bytes) 20
Adenium arabicum dwarf crosses. 20
Adenium obesum X A. arabicum hybrids 20
Adenium obesum X .A..crispum hybrids 20
Adenium obesum 'Daeng Siam x 

Beauty Cloud ll

Adenium obesum X arabicum F3 


Adenium obesum x crispum hybrids

(Harry Potter complex)

Adenium obesum x crispum

(complex hybrids)

Adenium hybrids 403 X 417 (trees) 20
Lithops spp.

Open pollinated seeds, but almost always true to type (Lithops rarely hybridize). Add $0.50 per packet shipping, or free shipping with plant order. We ship intact capsules, which contain a variable seed count. Our choice of species.