Specimen Plants

This page is devoted to the sale of larger specimen sized plants. 
These larger and older, more expensive plants are not for everyone, as many people like to start small and watch their plants grow.  However, in any collection there is usually room for a few large specimens.  In some cases, you may not want to wait the several years it takes to get a plant up to these larger sizes.  Big plants are also inspiration for the collector, to grow on the smaller ones.

Most succulents and cacti are not miniatures, and some of the unique characteristics that make a species so beautiful are not evident until the plant attains a larger size.  There usually is a practical limit, though, and that is the reasonableness of shipping.  We have chosen this 10 inch pot size (actual inner measurements are 9.25" by 8"--although we may occasionally list some larger) because it falls within our shipping capabilities.  With unlimited funds, even the biggest plant can be shipped, but the cost can be high.  We ship our plants un-potted via USPS priority mail and we feel that this size is optimum.  The special qualities of the plants are obvious in these larger plants.  It should be noted, though, that these prices are higher than they would be if you came to our nursery to buy these same plants.  Assuming our normal shipping rate (15%), these higher prices reflect the greater costs involved with shipping and handling larger plants.  So either plan a trip to Tucson to acquire these show quality, specimen sized plants, or send us some of your hard earned cash.  Either way, you won't be disappointed with these beautiful plants.

The following images, unless otherwise noted, are of the individual plants that are offered for sale.  In most cases there are others in the nursery that will be listed later for sale.  However, at any point in time, only those plants pictured here will be available and are sold on a first come, first served basis.
Please note that these plants are grown in our nursery here in southern Arizona and as such are beautifully colored and nicely spined plants.
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arab-36.jpg (253402 bytes) Adenium arabicum                               36" pot
This giant is about 18 years old, from seed collected on Jabal Shada, Saudi Arabia. Note the 12" ruler on the pot rim. No shipping on this plant.

Ecgrmu_ws.JPG (135429 bytes)

E. grusonii 'Multi'                         12" tub
Multiple headed specimens, not grafted and on their own roots.  Spectacular clumps of golden spheres!



Ecgrcr_ws.JPG (135127 bytes)

E. grusonii 'Crest'                          12" tub
Golden Barrel crests!  Uncommon crests of this ever present species nearly filling these large pots.  Not grafted!