Yucbre02_w.jpg (70227 bytes) Yucca brevifolia Joshua Tree, hardy to 0F. M
Yucca elata Well known Sonoran Desert species 
Yucend02_w.jpg (74371 bytes) Yucca endlichiana Small, clumping stemless Yucca with short, pendulous flowers, unusual leaf markings and fleshy roots..  Rare in cultivation. M
Yucca grandiflora Sonoran species that gets 10 feet tall, with saber-like leaves and large clusters of white flowers. S/M
Yucca rigida Mexican species with white flowers.  Grows at 3500 to 5000 feet. M
Yucwhi01.JPG (61953 bytes) Yucca whipplei  Dense rosettes of arrow-straight blue-gray leaves. Incredible inflorescence of white flowers. M